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Fender Mustang GT amps (Generation Three) preview

Fender Mustang GT amps (Generation Three) preview

If you’re looking for ‘one amp to rule them all’ (your tones that is), then the new Fender Mustang GT range of amplifiers might be for you… With three models in the series – the Mustang GT-40, GT-100 and GT-200, the new Mustang GT range has the power to take you from the bedroom, to the practice room, and to some pretty big gigs as well. Let’s take a look a quick look at what you get with these amps.

Fender Mustang GT 40

Introducing the Fender Mustang GT40, GT100 and GT200

The 2017 Fender Mustang GT range of amplifiers are designed for the player who wants to plug their guitar into their amp and have immediate access to all the sounds they could ever want. Quick, easy, effective.

With 21 amplifier models onboard, as well as 47 effects models, you’ve got all the ingredients you need to craft tones you’ve never heard before. As well as all the ones you know and love.

Fender Tone Amp for Mustang GT

One of the big selling points of the Mustang GT amps is the new Fender Tone app, which should be arriving this month. Available for both iOS and Android, the Fender tone amp lets you control every aspect of your sound from the comfort of your own portable touch screen. The Tone App also provides an easy way to select, manage and share your presets.

Of course, the screen on the amps themselves is something quite special. When you combine the screen, with its dedicated edit controls, and the range of ‘standard’ controls for your gain, volume and eq, you can quick and easily dial in your preferred sound directly on the amp itself, which is what you should always be able to do. Still, nice to have that app there as well for the times you need it.

In addition to all this great amplifier and effects goodness, there’s also a looper! Perfect for practice, or for fancy sound-on-sound shenanigans. The looper can be controlled with the Fender MGT4 footswitch (included with the Mustang GT 200). The MGT4 is also perfect for mid-song, hands-free preset switching and for taking foot-based advantage of the tuner.

Fender Mustang GT Controls

Of course, sometimes you might want to listen to music, rather than just playing it. No problem, the Mustang GT series has been designed to offer a full-range response, so you can play your music through your new amp, either by plugging in to the auxiliary input, or by streaming over bluetooth. And on the subject of wirelessness, we should also mention that the Mustang GT amps are Wi-Enabled, making operating system updates a breeze.

The Fender Mustang GT features review and comparison

Okay, lots of features there, let’s review, round-up, summarise and compare the Fender Mustang GT 40, 100 and 200:

Fender Mustang GT comparison chart

There we have it, everything you need to know about the new Fender Mustang GT amplifiers. The next thing is to get in touch to arrange a demo, we’re expecting stock to arrive this month, so why not give us a call?


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