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V-drums Masterclass with Craig Blundell at Red Dog Music Edinburgh

V-drums Masterclass with Craig Blundell at Red Dog Music Edinburgh

We’ve got a really exciting in-store event coming up here at Red Dog Music in Edinburgh: we’re delighted to announce we’ve managed to book one of the world’s top drummers, Craig Blundell to demonstrate the latest Roland V-Drum kits.

Craig, who is just fresh off a world tour with prog hero Steve Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) is internationally renowned, not only for his amazing playing, but for his innovative use of electronic drums and his ability to demystify the incredible technology behind them! ROLAND-vdrums-banner_On Thursday the 25th of May, Craig will be visiting our Edinburgh store to host an interactive demo and masterclass using Roland’s brand new flagship kit, the TD-50KV. During the session, we will explore the benefits of V-Drums, the exciting new features of the TD-50 and some great tips and tricks to get the best out of electronic percussion. Whether you’re a drummer or just interested in electronic music, this unique session is for you!


We’ll be looking most closely at the TD50KV and exploring it’s revolutionary V-Drum technology, however, many of the great benefits on this kit are present on all of Roland’s kits.

If you’re going to be learning about Roland’s electronic kits, Craig certainly is the best person to show you: He is on the research and development team for Roland and has actually helped design many of the kits and sounds that are in the current range!

This event is an interesting learning opportunity for everyone. From seasoned pros to beginners, you will see what’s possible with Roland’s electronic kits, hear some amazing drumming, learn tips and techniques and get to quiz Craig on life on the road as a touring drummer.

The session will be informal and interactive and to keep you going we’ll have some delicious free pizza and refreshments for you. The event is totally free and you don’t need to book. So just come down to Red Dog Music Edinburgh on Thursday 25th of May from 6pm.


See ya there, folks!

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