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The Moog SUBsequent 37 CV – a limited edition Sub 37 for Moogfest

The Moog SUBsequent 37 CV – a limited edition Sub 37 for Moogfest

The Moog SUBsequent 37 CV has just been announced for Moogfest 2017, and not only does the increased headroom in the mixer give your sounds some breathing space, it also looks fairly spectacular. Oh, and in case we forget later, it also features two gate and four CV outputs, making it the perfect piece of kit for controlling the rest of your analogue gear. Limited to only 2000 pieces for the entire planet, we can’t imagine these will be on shop shelves for very long… Get in touch if you want to get on what’s likely to be a fairly exclusive pre-order list!

Moog Subsequent 37 Moogfest limited edition Sub 37

Moog SUBsequent 37 CV – limited edition analogue synthesiser

Even as you read this placeholder text, I’m writing more updates; stay tuned and refresh the page every so often!

Actually, let’s cut to the chase, I’m sure you want the details. NOW! Let’s just copy and paste Moog’s announcement for now:

The Moog SUBsequent 37 CV is a limited-edition redesign of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition analogue synthesiser.

In addition to a custom-crafted aluminium and wood exterior, the SUBSEQUENT 37 CV features 4 assignable CV outputs and 2 assignable Gate outputs for interconnectivity with large format and Eurorack modular systems, an upgraded keybed for improved playability, high-powered headphone amplifier for live-monitoring and a newly modified analogue signal path.

“We were really excited to bring CV interconnectivity to the Sub37, enabling musicians to use the Sub37’s incredible control potential with their other other electronic devices. This effort also gave us the opportunity to explore different voicings in the analogue sound-engine. These new voicings give the SUBsequent 37 an added depth of character and expanded sonic capability—an inspiring new personality. ” – Cyril Lance, Moog Chief Engineer

The SUBsequent 37 CV’s mixer has double the headroom of the Sub 37 Tribute Edition, which gives the oscillators more room to breathe–resulting in greater musicality, particularly when playing in duo-mode. Taking full advantage of the mixer’s added flexibility, the gain-staging of the Ladder filter has been reshaped to boost harmonic saturation and analogue compression for a deeper, more impactful low end. Completing the sonic evolution is a re-tuned Multidrive circuit that extends well beyond the grit and growl of the original Sub 37.

SUBsequent 37 CV production is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. Each instrument is lovingly handcrafted by the employee owners at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC.

Moogfest Moog SUBsequent 37 Gate CV analogue synth

Well then, everyone; thoughts? We don’t have a precise ETA yet, but we’re expecting our first batch of Moog SUBsequent 37 CV synths to arrive with us around September or so. And when we say, first batch, there are only 200 coming to the UK, so getting in quick might be advisable if you want to grab one! Give us a ring, or call in to our Edinburgh, Leeds or London branches to get your name on the pre-order list today! Final pricing is yet to be confirmed, but we imagine the SUBsequent 37 will be around the £1700 mark.

Aside from the obvious coolness factor of owning a limited-edition Moog synthesiser – and in all honesty, this is a pretty impressive price for a limited edition Moog synthesiser – it’s the CV/Gate outputs that are the feature that make this one a bit more interesting. If you want to use your own, very special, Moog synth to control the rest of your [CV-controllable] analogue gear, then this is the one you’ll want.

Moog SUBsequent 37 CV jacks

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