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New: Roland Blues Cube Hot British EL84 Modified & Boss MS-3 Multi-effects switcher

New: Roland Blues Cube Hot British EL84 Modified & Boss MS-3 Multi-effects switcher

Following the SPD::One series, it’s now the turn of the guitarists as we see the release of the Roland Blues Cube Hot British EL84 Modified combo amp, and the Boss MS-3 Multi-effects switcher pedal.

Let’s take a look:

Roland Blues Cube Hot EL84

The Blues Cube gave you the sounds of a valve amp, but with all that rich tone available at whatever level you set the volume control at. Perfect. Perhaps though, not so perfect if you were more a fan of the sounds that came from the East side of the Atlantic. That’s where the Roland Blues Cube British EL84 Modified comes in.

Whereas the original Blues Cube was based on those classic US Tweed-style tones, the Blues Cube EL84 pokes the sound through with more of a ‘British’ character. Presumably that means it knows that a smoking jacket is not an acceptable substitute for white tie, that one requires a top hat to attend Royal Ascot and that a vintage port should not be passed to the right.

Roland Blues Cube Hot British EL84 Modified

Of course, we can talk about this all that we like, but that doesn’t really tell us anything about how it sounds. This video on the other hand, does just that:


At its heart, the Blues Cube El84 gives you all the features you know and love from the original Blues Cube Hot – 3oW power with the variable level control to go down as low as 0.5W, reverb, 3-band EQ and a 12″ speaker, and all at a much more portable-friendly weight! – but just with that UK-style voicing.

Boss MS-3 Multi-effects and switcher pedal

The Boss ES-8 and ES-5 pedal switchers were great products, but possibly catered for just a niche group of guitarists. With the Boss MS-3 multi-effects and switcher however, that niche may have just become a lot less nichey. (If I use enough neologisms, I’m hoping one might stick and I can get it in the dictionary. It worked for Shakespeare…).


Boss MS-3 multi-effects switcher

What the Boss MS-3 gives you, is a standalone digital multi-effects unit, just one that offers the flexibility to patch in up to 3 of your favourite other pedals. That done, you’ve got a massively powerful – and compact – pedalboard that lets you move between your presets with a single stomp – no more pedalboard tap-dancing as you try to switch 4 pedals on and off between the verse and the chorus.

The MS-3 also features a plethora of connectivity to take control of amp channel switching, effects control, MIDI devices and more.

Boss MS-3 Rear input output connections

The Boss MS-3 gives you the equivalent of 6 effects pedals ‘in the box’ with the connectivity to add three of your own ‘out of the box’. Easy. Featuring 112 effects types onboard combined with an intuitive user interface and a built-in tuner, noise-gate and global EQ, the Boss MS-3 is quite a beast of a multi-effects unit in its own right!

Once you add your choice of external pedals though, it becomes your beast…


And, what’s more, if you want to get up to speed without even having to read a manual, Boss have even put together a handy video quickstart series. Featuring perhaps one of the greatest voiceover voices I’ve ever heard.

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