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How to record drums – with the Focusrite Academy

How to record drums – with the Focusrite Academy

Recently, pro-audio gear gurus Focusrite announced the Focusrite Academy: an online educational resource that is designed to give you the information you need to become a better engineer.

How to record drums

How to record drums with Focusrite

First up in the series, is the ultimate how to record drums guide. In this 25 video series, Focusrite take you through the basics of getting set up, all the way through to massive multi-mic recording set ups.

If you just want to get stuck into the whole video series, here you go: enjoy!

If you want to break it down, read on…

How to record drums: tuning the kit

While there is a lot you can do in the mix these days, if you spend some time getting the drums sounding right before you hit record, you won’t have to ‘fix it in the mix’.

How to record drums: choosing microphones, mic placement and soundchecking

Once you’ve got the kit sounding right to your ears, choosing the right mics and places to put them can get the sound close to finished on its way into your DAW, making mixing a far less laborious task!

How many microphones do I need to record a drum kit?

Well, anything from one, to more. If you’re using an interface such as the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, don’t think you can’t get a decent kit recording using only one microphone:

With an interface such as the Scarlett 2i2 or 2i4, you can move up to two mic recording:

With an interface such as the Scarlett 18i8, you can really start to add some space and mix options to your drum recordings with three and four mic recordings:

And of course, for the ultimate in mix-time options, you can record with individual drum mics, overheads, and a collection of room mics. The combination of a multi mic-pre interface, such as the Scarlett 18i20, combined with an preamp expander such as the Scarlett Octopre, and you can really go to town on the channel count:

With guitar and vocal recording guides coming soon, the Focusrite Academy is sure to become a great resource for those dipping their toes in the recording waters, as well as for picking up a tip or two if you’ve been doing it for years!

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