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Aston microphones: what’s the story…?

Aston microphones: what’s the story…?

If you make music, chances are you’ve heard of Aston Microphones. From the huge list of famous names that were involved in the development process of these mics, to an even longer list of famous names that use them every day, Aston’s mics have found their way into the top studios, the top engineers and the top artists around the world.

And, let’s not forget, even the famously endorsement-shy Noel Gallagher recently came out with a statement of praise in his own, inimitable, understated style: “I ******* love these mics.”

Aston Microphones

Launched in late 2015, Aston hit the ground running with their Origin and multi-pattern Spirit large diaphragm condenser mics, garnering great reviews and industry awards left, right and centre. With the Halo and Halo Shadow reflection filters, as well as their brand-new Starlight small diaphragm condenser mic (the first ever laser targeting microphone), Aston continues to take the world by storm.

While Aston mics obviously look great – we’ll come back to that later – for a microphone to achieve this level of acclaim so quickly, there obviously has to be more to them than that; and there is: the Aston Sound.

The Aston Microphones Sound

Aston microphones were developed by some of the best engineering minds and finest craftsmen, but then so are plenty other modern microphones. What sets Aston apart is the experimental process and testing of all the critical components by some of the finest recording engineers – and their ears – in the business.

During the development process of the microphones, Aston turned to over 50 of the world’s top artists, producers and engineers to put their years of critical listening – and experience of working with the best in vintage and modern microphones – into the creation of Aston’s mic range.

Aston Spirit and Origin

Through an intensive blind-testing process – that covered everything from capsules to the development of the PCB – over 100 iterations of Aston mics were put through their paces on multiple sources, listened to, critiqued, evaluated, and changes implemented until the final result was achieved: hugely successful multiple award-winning microphones which punch far above their weight in performance terms, and which are constantly being compared, not with other £200-300 mics, but with the likes of Neumann U87, Telefunken and AKG C12!

One of the things Aston set out to do was not just to make a supremely impressive microphone, but to try and do that in the UK. This was not a trivial undertaking, certainly not when you consider that Aston were trying to bring their microphones in at a price that was realistic for any home recordist.

Aston Microphones: Made in Britain

With component suppliers and craftspeople across Britain, Aston Microphones are created right here in the UK; a rare thing these days, but it genuinely feels as though these mics tap into a proud legacy of British audio engineering, from when The Beatles were pushing the boundaries of what Abbey Road’s technology could do to the global recording prowess of the SSL console and beyond.

From the Origin and the Spirit, via the Halo reflection filter to the revolutionary Starlight, Aston offers a core of products that get to the heart of what recording sound is all about. I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds…

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