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Spotlight on the Aston Origin condenser microphone

Spotlight on the Aston Origin condenser microphone

The world is not short of large diaphragm condenser microphones, and it’s not short of ones that cost between £200 and £300, so what makes the Aston Origin – that sits in that price bracket perfectly at £249 – worth writing about?

What makes the Aston Origin worth writing about?

I’m glad you asked. If you’re looking for a great workhorse large diaphragm condenser microphone, the Aston Origin should should be on your shortlist. And I mean that even if you are blessed with an astronomical budget.

At first glance, the Aston Origin resembles its stablemate, the Spirit. While the Spirit has a longer body, both microphones feature the same tumbled finish and the same wave-form mesh head and built-in pop filter. However, while the Spirit is multi-pattern and includes a transformer, the Origin is cardioid only and uses transformerless circuitry.

Really though, what makes the Aston Origin worth writing about is the fact that for £249, you can get recording with a made in the UK microphone that has been taking home 10/10 reviews and numerous award nominations.

Of course, it’s all well and good a microphone being worth writing about, but what we’re really interested in is a microphone that’s worth recording with.

Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser MicrophoneWhy should I record with the Aston Origin?

For pretty much the same reasons that make it worth writing about. The Aston Origin hasn’t been scoring great reviews by being a mediocre performer. Now, we’re working with a text-based medium here, so let’s take a look at a few quotes:

“Blind testing with the artist against an AKG C12 VR showed a clear preference for the Origin” – Mike Hillier, Music Tech Magazine

“Tho Origin sounds insanely good” – Nick Mavridis

“Origin, by a large margin, exceeds the expectations in this price range” – Studio Magazine

“Smooth yet well focused … depth warmth and detail in equal measure” – Paul White, Sound on Sound

We could go on, but you probably get the idea: if you put an Aston Origin in front of a source, you’re going to capture a great representation of what that source sounds like. And isn’t that what a microphone should do?

Of course, the reason we choose some microphones over others is because of how they capture that representation. And with it’s gentle lift of the top end frequencies, the Aston Origin imparts that subtle air of sheen and transparency that benefits so many sources and really opens up a mix. It also makes the Origin particularly good on vocals and acoustic guitars.

Aston Origin - best mic under £250?Aston innovations

The Origin has a raft of innovations; something which sets both this product, and the Aston brand, aside from a very grey and ‘crowded’ market sector. These include:

Wave-form mesh head – reducing impact damage to the mic

stainless steel knitted mesh pop shield and electromagnetic shielding – under a global registered design and unique to Aston this significantly reduces plosives and gives a much cleaner capsule signal due to its organic weave. It’s also completely washable, so no more bad-breath mics!

Stainless steel tumbled chassis – scratch, rust and fingerprint resistant (and beautiful) this unique finish is incredibly hard-wearing

Direct to stand mounting – no need for a shock mount

And most important of all – the sound! It is completely unique to Aston, that we not only engaged professional ears, but actually gave the entire process of choice in crafting the sound of our mics to these Producers, Engineers and Artists (and not lab coats!) – the results speak for themselves.

The best microphone under £250?

Is the Aston Origin the best condenser microphone under £250? Very possibly, even more possibly than that if you’re looking for the best all-round condenser microphone under £250. In fact, you could probably extend that budget upwards and it would still work.

To sum up then, if you’re looking for a great performing first condenser microphone, then take a look at the Aston Origin. If you’re looking for a step up from your first condenser microphone, take a look at the Aston Origin. If you’ve already got a mic locker full of vintage classics, then you should check out the Aston Origin as well.

It doesn’t matter what other options you have when it comes to microphones, the Aston Origin won’t be out of its depth on the session.

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