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The Boss JB-2 Angry Driver – the JHS Angry Charlie Blues Driver!

The Boss JB-2 Angry Driver – the JHS Angry Charlie Blues Driver!

Meet the Boss JB-2 Angry Driver pedal.

The Boss JB-2 is what happens when a Blues Driver meets the Angry Charlie pedal from JHS Pedals.

Boss JB-2 Angry Driver

The Boss JB-2 Angry Driver

The Boss JB-2 Angry Driver is the perfect pedal for the modern pedalboard. Why? Let’s take a look at what the Boss JB-2 actually is and all will become clear…

The Blues Driver is one of our best-selling pedals here at RDM and I’d go as far to say that it’s a modern classic. So, what’s better than a Blues Driver? How about a Blues Driver that’s also a JHS Angry Charlie?

And that’s what the Boss JB-2 Angry Driver is, but the way the whole affair has been implemented, that’s where the magic lies.

The modes of the Boss JB-2…

It’s all about those modes. Not modes like the locrian, phrygian kind, but the six ways you can use the JB-2 to make it the way you want it.

Right, first off, the Boss JB-2 is a Blues Driver. Easy.

Okay, but it’s also a JHS Angry Charlie.

But, it can also be a Blues Driver feeding an Angry Charlie…

… or it can be an Angry Charlie feeding a Blues driver.

Or, it can be always on, with the pedal switching between the Blues Driver or Angry Charlie sounds and settings.

Or – and this is the one I fancy – it can be a Blues Driver AND an Angry Charlie, in parallel.


Controlling the Angry Driver

How does one take control of all this JB-2 power without becoming an angry guitarist?

The first thing to look at is the mode knob, this lets you select how you want to use your JB-2. After that, it’s all about those concentric knobs…

The level, tone and drive knobs are on concentric potentiometers, meaning that you can use the outer ‘ring’ to dial in the settings for the Blues Driver sounds, and the upper knob controlling the Angry Charlie settings. Doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

There is, however, something else. The Boss JB-2 also features a remote pedal input socket. This allows you to take some additional control of the Angry Driver, depending on what mode you’re in.

If you’re in one of the single-pedal modes, where the ‘normal’ footswitch controls effect on or off, the remote pedal switches between the Blues Driver and Angry Charlie circuits.

In both pedals/always on mode, the remote switch turns the effect on and off. Not a bad set of sounds and features for a compact pedal, eh?

Boss JB-2 Blues Driver JHS Angry Charlie

Why you should put the Boss JB-2 on your board

This could well be the pedal that plenty of guitarists have been looking for. A choice of overdrives is always handy to have at your feet, especially when one is the creamy, bluesy overdrive standard of the Blues Driver, and the other is the characterful dirt of an Angry Charlie.

In one pedal-space, you can put a pair of overdrives (no price yet, but we expect it to cost less than the JHS pedal) in your rig, offering a choice of tones for your set, or as a convenient way of switching in a bit more dirt (or less!) and a bit more level for solos.

The JB-2 is the first Boss Compact Pedal where Boss have collaborated with another company and, on paper at least, it looks like they’ve nailed it and we’re really looking forward to seeing if our ears agree as soon as we can get our hands on one! We’re hoping for the end of November as an ETA, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have an ETA!

Oh, and one last thing: the LED glows blue when the JB-2 is a Blues Driver, red when it’s an Angry Charlie, and white when it’s both; how cool is that!



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