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Roland announce V-combo VR-730 and VR-09 live performance keyboards

Roland announce V-combo VR-730 and VR-09 live performance keyboards


Meet the Roland VR-730 and VR-09 Black

Another day, another big announcement from Roland as their September festival continues. We’ve already seen the announcements of new guitar gear, a new Aerophone model and some amazing Boutique gear.

And today is all about their two new additions to their live performance keyboard range: Roland have introduced the VR730 and VR09 B, two very exciting new lightweight models for the V-Combo line.


The VR730 has a 73-note waterfall keyboard with semi-weighted action, while the VR09-B comes equipped with a 61-note synth-action keyboard. Both instruments have a real vintage look and feel, to matches the classic sounds and tones that come packed in to these models: the VR730 and VR09B feature a wide selection of Roland’s top organ, piano, and synth sounds, seven simultaneous effects, and easy-access controls, perfect for performing.

Both V-Combo models feature many classic electric piano types, along with your vintage phaser, tremolo, touch wah, and more effects. And Roland’s Virtual Tone Wheel Organ engine even emulates the sound-generating process of a real tone wheel organ, and the nine harmonic bars provide classic hands-on tone control.

The VR730 also features an additional electric piano selection derived from the RD2000. The acoustic grand piano in both instruments features 88-note stereo multi-sampling, bringing you the tones straight out of Roland’s stage pianos. Also on hand are a large selection of SuperNatural synth sounds, from vintage analogue classics to modern digital synths.

Via the free VR09 Editor app for iPad, you’ve got access to enhanced control of the organ and synth engines, as well as the option to download additional free sounds.


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