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Sunday Spotlight: Kath & The Kicks

Sunday Spotlight: Kath & The Kicks


1. Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff.
We are Kath & The Kicks from Leeds, hard hitting rock trio with 5 and a half years of band love behind us! Kath started on the LMS about 10 years ago as a solo artist playing acoustic guitar in a rocky grungey format and very percussively. Whilst The Kicks have been together, Kath has moved onto electric unleashing a much heavier sound that retains mainstream connections. Tom (bass) and Lee (drums) lock together driving beats and bass lines under Kath’s stand out guitar sound… think Skunk Anansie crossed with Royal Blood and it’s getting close.
2. Tell us a bit about the music you make.
The style moves through rock, grunge, heavy rock, rockabilly, blues and even the odd rock ballad. The music is dark, moody, angry, different, riff based and in your face. Live, the band are aggressive and very loud! A crowd pleaser for rock and heavy music fans….

3. When did you start and what made you want to start making music?
Me.. (Kath) I studied Popular Music and Recording at Salford Uni graduating with a 1st in 2005… I’m also a pro drummer so drums was my major at uni. I’ve always performed and have been in circa 30 bands, a handful of which have been very serious. But it was always the goal to lead my own band with my own songs and that’s where I’m going.

Tom has been playing bass for absolutely years, his dad was a well known bass player on the Motown scene in the 60s so bass is in the blood. Lee has also been drumming for a very long time, previously in a London based band who were on the verge of cracking things with A&R invited to practice sessions.

The three of us came together through mutual friends and now we all live within a 2 mile radius of each other, we’re very close and are about to sign to Holier Than Thou records getting us one step closer to being able to quit the day job, record the debut album and get out on tour!

4. Stage or studio?
Both…stage time is the favourite… studio time is essential to write and practice.
5. What gear do you use to make your tunes?
A simple set up: guitar, bass, drums and three vocals.
Kath: Ibanez AS15S and Kinsman 100watt Twin Amp
Tom: Musicman Stingray Bass, Ampeg Amp and Bag End cabinets
Lee: Tama Kit, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals Remo Heads

7. Where can we check out your tunes?
Our new EP Neptune is on SpotifyiTunes and Amazon Music.

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