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Introducing the Boss Collectors Club: buy pedals, get free stuff!

Introducing the Boss Collectors Club: buy pedals, get free stuff!


Boss Collectors Club: buy pedals, get free stuff!

Getting a new guitar pedal is always exciting. Looping with a LoopStation, soundscaping with the RV2 or even when you’re just getting the TU1 to keep your guitar in tune, it’s exciting to have something new at your feet. With that in mind, Boss are introducing the Boss Collectors Club! And not to spoil the ending but it ends with you getting a free pedal.

As part of the Collectors Club, Boss have launched ‘Pedal Perks’, a new loyalty scheme that can earn you freebies, collectables and merch.


Cool! How does it work?

First, you need to buy a Boss Compact pedal from us in store or online. (If you’ve already bought a pedal on or after October 1st 2017, you can use that too.) Then you register the pedal on the Collectors Club site... and that’s all!

Every time you register a pedal, you’ll get a freebie sent by Boss.

What do I get?

When you’ve registered your first pedal, a donation will be made to Musicians Without Borders, a charity that uses music to connect communities and help heal people in war-torn areas of the world. Your second perk is an extra cool Boss DS 1 enamel pinbadge! Your third registered pedal gets you a limited-edition coloured vinyl EP featuring the Boss tones from the original compact pedal series from the 1977.

And after you’ve registered your 4th, you’ll get to pick a free Boss Compact pedal of your choice. (up to the value of most expensive pedal previously purchased)

Not sure which pedal is right for you? Well you’re definitely not alone. We can help you out if you need a bit of advice, just get in touch or pop in to the stores. We have a dedicated Boss expert and our pedals are ready to be taken for a test run in store so you can try out exactly which pedals work for your sound.

Browse our Boss pedal range here.

This promo will run from 1st October 2017 to 30th September 2018. Make sure you check out the Ts & Cs here too.

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