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Roland Announce New Keyboard Amps!

Roland Announce New Keyboard Amps!

Roland has today unveiled six additions to their long-running KC series of keyboard combos, with updates to a few classics as well a battery-powered option and a powerful new flagship model. We have a breakdown of the new range as well as when you can expect to see them in our stores!


Let’s start with the sexy stuff: the new amplifiers! The KC-990 is the flagship model of the KC range and is less of a keyboard amp, and more of a self-contained PA system!


The KC-990 offers 320 watts of full-range stereo audio, with four independent stereo channels (perfect for multi-keyboard setups) plus an auxiliary-in channel, all running through three-band EQ and a choice of four DSP effects. The result is powerful sound which works for any source, whether it’s a keyboard, a microphone (channel one features an XLR in), electronic percussion or bass guitar. It’s also easy to send your mix to front of house, with stereo XLR outs eliminating the need for multiple DI boxes.

If 320 watts of stereo sound is somehow not cutting it for you, the KC-990 features a Stereo Link function to connect two units together to make a compact eight-channel 620 watt PA rig!

The KC-990 is expected to hit stores at the end of February.



Roland’s Street Cubes have long been visible at the feet of guitar-slinging buskers on every high street from Aberdeen to Brighton, and now Roland have created one for the keys players too!


The KC-220 delivers 30 watts of full-range stereo sound, and like its Street Cube brethren is able to be powered by batteries for up to eight hours at a time. With three channels (two stereo line, one line/XLR) plus an auxiliary input, you’ll have plenty of inputs for any street gig or practice session!

We expect to see the KC-220 arrive towards the end of January.



Sitting just below the KC-900, the KC-600 is redesigned, re-engineered and very very loud.


Never content to rest on their laurels, Roland have taken the previously top-of-the-range 180 watt Kc-550 and added some choice new features, including adding 20 watts of power to bring the KC-600 to a blistering 200 watts. Roland have also completely redesigned the power section and speaker, resulting in more powerful bass in a lighter package!

the KC-600 is expected to hit stores towards the end of January



An upgrade to the ever-popular KC-350, the KC-400 brings a little more to the table.


The KC-400 boosts the output to 150 watts, and features the same redesigned power section as the KC-600, meaning more low-end power and less weight to carry, while still retaining all of the features that made the KC-350 a hit, like four channels of mixable audio (plus a mixable aux input on the KC-400), a three-band EQ and the ability to link two units together to make a compact stereo PA rig!

The KC-400 is expected to land in stores towards the end of January.



Compact, affordable and powerful, the KC-200 is a great amp that just got better.


The KC-200 is the successor to the KC-150 (Stop me if you’re seeing a pattern with the names here), featuring three independently mixable mono channels, a stereo aux channel, and a two band EQ. An upgrade to 100 watts takes this amp from a great rehearsal companion, to a very giggable workhorse.

The KC-200 is expected to land in stores towards the end of December.



The previous baby of range, the KC-80 is getting bigger and better.


The KC-80 features the same form factor as the compact KC-60, but with an upgraded power section, taking this tiny amp from 40 watts to 50 watts! Don’t let the size fool you, this perfect practice and rehearsal amplifier features the same upgraded power sections as the larger siblings, and three mixable mono channels, a stereo aux input and a two-band EQ.

The KC-80 is expected to land in stores towards the end of November.


We expect to have the full KC range available for demo in the coming months, but if you want to jump the queue and be amongst the first in the UK to have one of these fantastic amplifiers then just get in touch!

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