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Ableton 10 announced. Save 20% on Live 9 and get a free upgrade to 10!

Ableton 10 announced. Save 20% on Live 9 and get a free upgrade to 10!


OK wow, the wait is (almost) over: Ableton 10 is now officially on its way. And we’ve just seen the first news of what new features you can expect in Ableton 10, the DAW software’s first update since 2013. The update brings a new synth, redefined design, new effects and a tonne of new features. Here is a first look at what’s new:


Immediately playable, infinitely capable, Wavetable is a new synth built by Ableton. Shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analogue synths, and a range of other instruments and sounds.



Echo brings together the sound of classic analogue and digital hardware delays in a single device—your new go-to delay. Drive and shape sounds with its analogue-modelled filters, turn up the noise and wobble for vintage imperfections, or add modulation and reverb to create diffuse soundscapes, wailing feedback and more.

Drum Buss

A one-stop workstation for drums, capable of adding subtle character or bending and breaking drums at your will. Add warmth and distortion with drive and crunch, take control of dynamics with compression and transient shaping, dial in and tune boom and control bass decay with the dedicated low end section.


With separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar pedals, Pedal brings the character of analogue stomp boxes to Live.


Turn your most spontaneous ideas into music, without thinking about recording. Starting a song? Just arm a MIDI track and play. When an idea emerges, press Capture after you played it. Live will match your tempo and timing, and start your melody or groove in a perfect loop.

Edit multiple MIDI clips

Create drums and bass, or chords and melody in tandem. Work with multiple MIDI clips across multiple tracks within a single view—in both Session and Arrangement.

Create and arrange more fluidly

The Arrangement View has been optimised for quick editing and more efficient song creation. Easily stretch a clip, slide its content or create audio fades with new clip interactions that work directly in the Arrangement. Automate with greater control using grid snapping and other improved breakpoint interactions.

screenshot-heroAnd a multitude of workflow refinements such as: Browser collections, note chasing, I/O renaming, mixing improvements, creating groups within groups, and so much  more!

Live 10 Suite comes with four new in-depth instrument packs, and Max technology is now fully integrated into Live too.

And there is so much more still to come, but for now we’d like to tell you about how you can already save 20% on Ableton 10:


Live 10 is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2018. And from now until then, you can get 20% discount on all versions of Live 9, which will entitle you to a free, automatic upgrade to Live 10 when it comes.

Browse Ableton 9 here.

If you have any questions about which version of Ableton would be best for you, just get in touch with our team. Or if you’d like to learn Ableton, we have some handy video tutorials to help you get started too:

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