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Warm Audio WA-47 and WA-47 Jr Microphones announced

Warm Audio WA-47 and WA-47 Jr Microphones announced

Great news for recordists today as Warm Audio announced two new microphones to their range: the Warm WA-47 and WA-47Jr.

Warm Audio’s outboard gear has always been a favourite, but their release of the WA-87, followed by the WA14, showed the world that they were pretty on it when it came to making microphones as well.

With their expertise in putting the acclaimed sounds of recording history in your studio at a price that project studios can afford, the new 47-inspired microphones are sure to find their way into the recording setups of many.

Let’s take a quick look at the Warm WA-47 and WA-47Jr and see what they’re all about…

Warm Audio WA47 microphone

Warm WA47 tube condenserThe Warm Audio WA-47

The Warm WA-47 is a valve-based multi-pattern condenser microphone, and with a ’47’ in the name, you can guess what it’s inspired by. Warm spent a lot of time listening to a pair of legendary ’47 microphones and had a new capsule design custom made for them. A choice selection of valve and transformer gave a noise and frequency response that had all the qualities of the original, allowing the sound of the capsule to shine through, but adding those musical top and bottom end enhancements that make every source sound its best.

Warm Audio also take a lot of pride in their choice of cable. Warm partnered with Gotham Audio in Switzerland to ensure that none of that precious signal that the microphone has been designed to produce is spoiled by the time it gets to the power supply.

Shipping with a shockmount and, rather stunning-looking, wooden box, the Warm WA-47 will certainly impress and inspire a great performance from even the most hard-to-please client!

The Warm Audio WA-47 Jr

The Warm WA-47 Jr takes the capsule from the WA47, but repackages it in the classic FET / transformerless format.

Oh, and takes a chunk of change off the price as well!

With the same custom-designed capsule from the WA-47, the WA-47 Jr replaces the valve with a FET, and takes away the transformer for a slightly different, ‘transparent’ sound.

These microphones are due to land with us the first week of December 2017, so get in touch if you have any questions or to preorder yours today!

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