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Sunday Spotlight: Nigel Mullaney

Sunday Spotlight: Nigel Mullaney

promo047A8042Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff. 

Hello! My names Nigel Christoper Mullaney, I’m from Leeds and work as a professional composer and producer. I’m a self confessed “Gear Geek” and have been producing and releasing electronic music since I was aged 11! I’m the creative director at Phoenix creative Media working alongside the legendary songwriter Jonathan Paul Jowett.

Tell us a bit about the music you make.
I write in all kinds of genres of music, it’s my job to keep my finger on the pulse of developing trends and styles, thanks to Richard and Alison at Red Dog Leeds I’ve a wealth of vintage equipment and a ton of new technology to bring my productions to life. They always keep me up to date with whats new and exciting.

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3. When did you start and what made you want to start making music?
I started writing music when I was 11 and released my first record when I was 12. I’ve always made music, its the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do and honestly the only thing I’ve ever really been good at! I did the usual ‘teaboy – music shop – production assistant’ path and set up my own publishing company in 1999 to write and distribute our music.
Stage or studio?
I’m at home in both environments, the thing I love about playing live, especially with my modular equipment is the real risk of everything going wrong, it’s the happy accidents I love, the sections where everything just falls into place. A lot of musicians find it hard to believe that with electronic equipment you can get the same energy and collective rush you get with a band. The studio is a different discipline for me and I tend to work within stricter parameters. I love the improvised and pre-production sessions the best, open ding hours working on sounds and textures to inspire creativity.

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What gear do you use to make your tunes?
Everything I can get my hands on! I’m a multi instrumentalist and collect vintage and rare guitars, vintage synthesisers and outboard gear. I’ve also got a huge modular rig and a stack of production tools. Both live and in the studio my Elektrons are at the heart of my rig. I just love the way they work, how they feel and how they sound. I’m part man – part Oktatrak.
And what is your choice bit of gear and why?
The Digitakt is my current flavour of the month and I’ve just picked up a Roli Seaboard 49. I was so impressed with expressive capabilities of the 5D keyboard, seriously impressed. I’ve also recently got a Zoom L12, amazing piece of kit and great for getting my modular improvisations down.
Where can we check out your tunes?
My work for DeWolfe production music has seen over 400 works published and you can hear my music in film and TV shows all the time. I’ve produced material for trailers, campaigns and TV spots for Universal pictures, Netflix, BBC, CNN, AMC and Marvel. My new project with Ian Boddy sees me move into bigger cinematic territory with recordings of large orchestral ensembles and huge production values for the newly formed DeWolfe Widescreen label. I also work with Ian Boddy and release electronic music on his DiN label, home to artists such as Node, Markus Reuter, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Chris Carter, ARC, Robert Rich and Erik Wollo.

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