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Why should I buy digital drums: electronic vs acoustic kits guide

Why should I buy digital drums: electronic vs acoustic kits guide


As a fellow drummer, I understand convincing you that an electronic drum kit is better than an acoustic set is going to be hard. Growing up watching our idols playing acoustic kits has given us an image of what a drum kit should look like.

Roland TS50KV electronic drum kit

However, technology has advanced, and it’s time we do the same.  Here are my top six reasons why electronic drums and better than acoustic:

  • Technology has developed to make electronic drums feel very similar to acoustic

You’re in your practice room and you see both an electronic and acoustic drum kit in front of you (if only we were all so lucky!), which way is your head going to turn? Well, the choice may not be as simple as you think. The differences between them have significantly reduced in recent years, the technology of brands such as Roland has developed with the intention of getting electronic kits to play as similarly to acoustic as possible. For example, mesh drum heads – such as the snare on the Roland TD1KV, or the snare and toms on the TD25KV – creates a natural, acoustic like rebound.

Similarly, the Alesis strike kit uses wooden shells to create an accurate acoustic response.  These features, as well as the ability to choke cymbals as you would on an acoustic, mean that you might not be heading towards the acoustic as quickly as you think!


  • Your drums can sound like your heroes! Artist-tuned kits are available to play on electronic drums.

Unfortunately our garage doesn’t sound like the stadium we all wish it did… but it can do if you pair your electronic kit with a decent pair of headphones. We listen in awe to our favourite bands recordings wondering how they made that snare sound so big, well with Roland’s TD-50 artist tuned kits, yours can too. These kits provide you with an instant, out of the box, finely-tuned drum sound meaning you can concentrate on not only sounding like your hero, but performing like them too.


  • Playing along to your favourite tracks couldn’t be easier than with an electronic kit

So you’ve got your kit to sound like your favourite record, something which would likely take several mics, multiple hours, a professional producer (and a big budget!) to achieve with your old acoustic. How better to get to the next level than playing along with some popular tracks?

With the majority of electronic drum modules, such as the Roland TD11 or the Alesis Strike kit, plugging in an external audio source is effortless. Finding the right balance between the audio and yourself is a simple knob or fader movement, allowing you to play as heavily as your heart desires! No more restricting yourself on your acoustic kit to be able to hear the backing track which your parents have already asked you to turn down.


  • Headphones!

Okay…so I understand you’re not likely to be convinced if this is only for the benefit of your parents, but an electronic drum kit can allow you to play to your heart’s content into the early hours of the morning. Practising throughout the day is all well and good to improve your technique, something that can be done on either an acoustic or electronic kit.  However, nothing can match the feeling of playing in a moody, dark, stage like setting into the night.

As much as we argue, us drummers sometimes have to understand that our neighbour doesn’t want to come in after a day’s work to hear us begin our two hour long set, well with an electronic drum kit they don’t have too.  


  • Gone are the days when acoustic kits looked better than electronic…

So you’ve got the sound, you’ve got the stage, now you need the looks.  Although we  rarely admit it, us drummers do like to look our best when we are performing (granted not as much as the singer).

In years gone by electronic drums have lacked the sparkle and appeal of an acoustic kit, putting off potential users. However, recent releases from brands including Roland and Alesis have seen the looks of electronic drums develop in leaps and bounds! Take the Alesis Strike Kit Pro for example, with this you certainly wouldn’t look out of place on any stage… or in your basement.


  • Still undecided? Roland’s hybrid drumming gear might be the answer…

Okay, you may not have been convinced, and I’ll concede that there are pros and cons to owning either an acoustic or electric kit. Of course the ideal scenario is to own both. It might not always be practical, but check out Roland’s range of hybrid drumming gear. A solution to please us all!

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