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Big Savings on iZotope Plugins in the iZotope Winter Sale!

Big Savings on iZotope Plugins in the iZotope Winter Sale!

Exciting news from iZotope! Until January 2nd, save up to 60% on iZotope plug-in downloads, including the excellent Ozone 8, RX 6 and Neutron 2, as well as creative plug-ins like VocalSynth and Stutter Edit.

Since 2001, iZotope have been delivering some of the best audio software tools available, and the latest updates are no exception! Here’s what goodies are up for grabs for less in the iZotope Winter Sale!


Ozone 8

If you mix or master EDM, then you already know all about the legendary mastering suite that is Ozone, particularly Ozone’s near-mythical Maximiser limiter, capable of ear-bleedingly loud masters which still sound powerful and exciting! It’s no wonder that Ozone has been used by Swedish House Mafia and Skillex. But Ozone is not just for the EDM crowd anymore, thanks to a suite of vintage-inspired EQs, Compressors and tape emulation, Ozone 8 is the all-purpose in-the-box mastering powerhouse that can be as squeaky clean or as gritty as you like!

You can grab downloads of Ozone 8 for yourself at Red Dog Music in either Standard or Advanced versions, both at a lovely 20% off until January 2nd, 2018. Ozone 8 Advanced can also be grabbed as half of the O8N2 bundle at an even nicer 30% off!

Neutron 2

Although a relatively new product in iZotope’s lineup (the number after the name is a  bit of a giveaway), Neutron is rapidly becoming to mixing what Ozone is to mastering: a powerful all-in-one tool which simultaneously provides cutting-edge tools, but couples them with an easy to use layout and a workflow designed for professionals working at high speed.

Neutron 2 is available at Red Dog Music in Elements, Standard and Advanced versions (Standard and Advanced are both 20% off until January 2nd); even better, you can grab the massively powerful O8N2 Bundle, containing both Neutron 2 Advanced AND Ozone 8 Advanced at a fantastic 30% discount.


RX6 is an audio restoration and repair suite aimed at those who work in post-production but is an essential tool for anybody who regularly works with less-than-perfect audio (RX6 has saved my skin on more than one occasion!). There are a million problems that can pop up with audio, but Izotope have identified some of the most common and frustrating ones and created a suite of task-specific tools which clean up issues in a couple of clicks; for those who work in the high-speed world of post-production, that means less time playing with spectral editors and more time making exciting, creative work!

Make a very nice 20% saving on downloads of RX6 Standard and Advanced in the iZotope winter sale.

VocalSynth & Stutter Edit

If saving 30% wasn’t enticing enough, until January 2 you can save 50% on VocalSynth, an extensive suite of harmonising, computerising, vocoding, distorting, delaying vocal effects which range from Bon Jovi Talkbox effects to modern razor-sharp pitch correction and harmony. You can also save a huge 60% on Stutter Edit, a BT designed instrument and effect designed to push the limits of what can be done with stutter effects and sound design, as used by the sound designer of Stranger Things Craig Henighan.


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