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Red Dog Music’s top 5 modular synth modules of 2017

Red Dog Music’s top 5 modular synth modules of 2017

If you’ve got a few HP left in your Eurorack, but aren’t yet sure how you want to fill the space, let us be a source of suggestion and inspiration as we take a look at the modules we’ve admired the most this year.

Expert Sleepers – Disting

Now in it’s mk4 iteration, the Expert Sleepers Disting is the best-selling Eurorack module we have at Red Dog Music. By a margin. And rightly so. The great thing about modular synthesis is that every patch is different, and you can completely redesign the topology of your synth with every patch connection.

Given that the strength of a modular synth is its flexibility and mutability, it makes absolute, perfect, logical sense to have modules that are flexible and mutable too, and that’s where the Disting comes in. With 76 distinct algorithms – VCOs, LFOs, Waveshaper, Phaser, Filters, Reverbs, Envelopes and more – in 4 HP at a great price, having a a few Distings in your Eurorack case means the modules you have to work with can change with every patch you make for the ultimate in experimentability!


Moog – Mother 32

Okay, so it’s pretty hefty as far as a ‘module’ goes, but let’s not forget, the Moog Mother 32 is a complete, self-contained synth voice. And a Moog synth voice at that. It just so happens to be Eurorack compatible and offer a huge field of patch points to control and modulate to and from at your bespoke leisure.

For newcomers to modular synthesis, the Mother 32 is perhaps the perfect place to start. With one of these in your system, you know you have everything you need to start making sounds right from the get go, then it’s just a case of adding additional modules one at a time as inspiration strikes.

Mutable Instruments Braids - best Eurorack oscillatorMutable Instruments – Braids

Another Red Dog Music best seller, Mutable Instruments make some of our favourite modules. As a brief aside, you might be interested in reading our interview with Mutable’s Olivier Gillet to get to know Mutable’s philosophy and his thoughts on modular synthesis.

If you are looking for one oscillator to rule them all, Mutable’s Braids is a great place to start the search. From the more tradition analogue VCO to FM, wavetable, noise, vocal synthesis and more, Braids is a comprehensive source of sounds for any patch.

Make Noise – Maths

Make Noise describe the Maths as “an analog computer designed for musical purposes”, which might not sound the most inspiring, particularly for a module that doesn’t make any sounds on its own. However, sit a Make Noise Maths in your case alongside a choice selection of modules, and all of a sudden it comes to life.

The Maths can take a digital signal, such as a clock signal, and turn it into an analogue signal, it can do the reverse, it can give you control of your modulation signals and change their depth, lag or slew them. It can give you an LFO that goes from 1 kHz to a 25 minute cycle, it cab combine and up to four control voltages to create incredibly complex modulations and plenty more. The Make Noise Maths is one of those modules that adds value to all the modules you combine it with.

XAOC Devices – Batumi

Another of our most-popular modules, the XAOC Batumi is an LFO. Well, it’s four LFOs in a single module that takes up just 10HP. If you want to create epic, evolving patches where listeners never hear the same timbre twice, the four LFOs of the Batumi are what you want patched into your system.

Each LFO can be used independently or can be used in one of three synchronised modes. Each LFO offers a range of waveforms, including sine and square and has control inputs for frequency, reset and external sync and with a frequency range that goes from 500 Hz to as long as 25 hours for a complete cycle, the Batumi is a great way to use 10HP of space.

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