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Which Roland drum kit is right for me?

Which Roland drum kit is right for me?

The  Roland range of V-Drums may look daunting, but with a great range of combinations of pads and modules, there is the perfect V-Drum kit for everyone contained within.


Roland TD-1K – Incredible value, great sounds and small footprint. Ideal first V-Drum kit. Perfect for beginners and kids.

Roland TD-1KV – A step up from the TD-1K, this kit has a mesh snare which feels more like its acoustic counterpart. Ideal for beginners looking to improve their technique.

Roland TD-1KPX – Take your drums to the pub.  This wee transformer of a kit folds away into a compact cube, ready for the road.  Great for gigging drummers on the go.

Roland TD-11K – The first full size V-Drum kit. Powerful sound module with SuperNatural modelling for enhanced realism. This is for drummers who want V-Drum performance at amazing price.

Roland TD-11KV – Full mesh kit and our most popular model, amazing response, feel and features. Perfect for Christmas upgrades from beginner kits.

Roland TD-25K – Positional sensing at a preferable price. Same sound engine as TD-30 in a simple but responsive package. Great for the home studio.

Roland TD-25KV – The most realistic electric kit for under £3K. Larger toms and extra crash make this ideal for the practice room. All you need is some friends!

Roland TD-30K – Incredible value for money, this is a flagship kit, that’s portable, punchy, practical and professional. Designed for drummers who demand distinction.

Roland TD-50K – The second best electronic drum kit on earth. Unparalleled response in a portable kit. Aimed a professionals but suitable for all.

Roland TD-50KV – The best electronic drum kit on earth. All singing, all dancing, it’s big, silver, and stunning! Perfect for professionals, intermediate player, prosumers, session musicians, studios, churches, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, houses of worship, pubs, farms, homes, festivals, prisons, beginners, the International Space Station and YOU!!

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