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A new 1073? Warm Audio WA73, WA73-EQ, WA273 & WA273-EQ announced

A new 1073? Warm Audio WA73, WA73-EQ, WA273 & WA273-EQ announced

Are you looking for the revered tone of the 1073? Warm Audio continues to add to their already impressive range with the Warm WA73 series: a collection of preamps inspired by the classic 1073 preamp and EQ  circuits.

Warm Audio 1073 inspired range - WA73

Introducing the Warm Audio WA73

The Warm Audio WA73 is based on the legendary 1073: is one of the preamps and EQs that has defined a golden era of recording history – and one that continues to this day.

When Warm Audio looked into recreating the sound of such an iconic circuit, one of the things they realised they had to do was make the WA73 handwired, just like the originals, so they did. Let’s just focus on that for a second by giving it its own paragraph.

The Warm WA73 is a handwired recreation of one of the most famous pieces of gear ever, and they’ve brought it in at an incredible price.

Warm Audio WA73

Yup, Warm Audio has done it again, as it looks like the WA73 will cost just £599 when it arrives – something we expect to happen around the end of January 2018.

For that, you get a hand-wired, single channel, class A preamp with UK-made Carnhill transformers that give you up to 80 dB of gain. A tone button changes the input impedance, and the high-pass filter is switchable between 50, 80, 160 and 300 Hz to get rid of what you don’t want down at the bottom.

The WA73 also offers 48V phantom power, polarity inversion, a TRS line input, instrument DI input, TS send and return jacks and an output control – just the thing for pushing the front end for that classic richness, but controlling the level that comes out the other end!

The Warm WA73-EQ

Warm Audio WA73-EQ

The Warm Audio WA73 is not alone in the series… It’s not just the preamp of the 1073 that’s famous, the EQ section is too, something that’s addressed with the Warm WA73EQ.

The WA73-EQ takes the WA73 preamp and adds a three-band inductor-based EQ circuit – just the thing for making those sounds fit perfectly in the mix, or giving them all the character they need to take centre stage while you fit the mix around them.

The Warm Audio WA273 and WA273-EQ

If you want a two-channel option, then the Warm Audio WA273 and WA273-EQ are for you.

Warm Audio WA273

Taking the features of the WA73 and WA73EQ and serving them up in duplicate, the WA273 and WA273-EQ are just the ticket for everything from drum overheads to adding the perfect sheen to the vocals and guitar of your singer/songwriter.

Warm Audio WA273-EQ

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