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New Roland and Boss products: Katana-Air and R07 audio recorder

New Roland and Boss products: Katana-Air and R07 audio recorder

Meet the new Boss Katana-Air wireless guitar amplifier


The future is here, and it’s wireless! Today Boss have announced their newest amp, the world’s very first totally wireless guitar amp. The Katana Air features new low-latency digital wireless guitar technology which promises to provide transparent sound and quick response. And it has a custom wireless transmitter that plugs in to your guitar and charges while docked in the amp, so you’re totally cable-free!transmitter_guitar_gal

But what about the amp itself? Well the amp can run on batteries too, so you can really play anywhere without needing to think about those boring power sockets! While running on batteries, the amp produces 20 watts, and when you plug it in, you’ll get the 30 watts of power.


And because it’s a Katana model, you’ll find all those premium tones from the Katana stage amp series and get the same access to over 50 Boss effects, as well as six onboard memories so you can save your amp and effects settings.


Meet the new Roland R07 audio recorderunnamed

The R-07 is a new portable high-resolution audio recorder from Roland. With no wires or adaptors, the Roland R07 seems like a perfect option for recording on the go, interviewing, field recordings, recording your rehearsal or meeting. The R-07 is simple and intuitive, and can be taken anywhere.

The R07 has all the next-gen Bluetooth capabilities you need, meaning you can control, monitor and listen back wirelessly using a smartphone, smartwatch or Bluetooth speakers.


What’s also great about the R07 is that it features dual recording and hybrid limiting, which means you won’t ruin a recording due to overload or clipping. The R-07 can also make two simultaneous recordings: one at full level and another at a lower level with increased headroom. If there’s unexpected clipping in the main recording, you can replace that section with a portion of the lower-level backup recording. Hybrid Limiting can even handle this for you automatically, so you get all the safety of limiting with none of the downside.

We’ll update with more news when we get it, but it’s looking like an exciting year ahead for Boss and Roland gear…

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