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New Roland V-drums monitors: Meet the PM200 & PM100

New Roland V-drums monitors: Meet the PM200 & PM100


Roland have announced two new premium all-in-one drum monitors specifically to be used with the Roland V-Drums range. The new PM monitors will bring rich and dynamic sound to your electronic drumming, your perfect partner for stage, studio, home or rehearsals.

The smaller of the series is the compact PM-100, which gives you 80 watts of power, a custom 10-inch speaker, and a tweeter. Then we have the PM-200, which brings us 180 watts, a custom 12-inch speaker, and a horn tweeter, providing you with plenty of headroom for both home playing or on stage.


These new monitors have an on-board mixer included with a dedicated V-Drums input, plus ¼-inch and 1/8-inch line inputs for connecting your percussion pads, phones, external audio… or anything else you can think of! Independent volume controls are provided for your V-Drums and line input sections, and there’s a two-band equaliser for shaping your overall sound too so you can really tweak and perfect your set up for various situations.


The PM200 also brings you some extra flexibility as it’s equipped with two XLR direct outputs, so you can pass sounds to a mixer or an audio interface. And via a panel switch, the outputs can be configured for either dual mono or stereo operation too.

We can expect these to land at the start of February and we’ll have the full range available to demo in stores as soon as we get them in. If you’d like to be notified when they arrive, or pre-order one, just get in touch.

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