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Arturia announce MiniBrute 2, a semi-modular analogue synth of the future!

Arturia announce MiniBrute 2, a semi-modular analogue synth of the future!


Arturia have announced the first of the three new products being released at NAMM 2018. Meet the Arturia MiniBrute 2

As excitement grows for NAMM, Arturia have given us a few clues and one major announcement so far: the MiniBrute, one of our most popular analogue synths has grown, been re-imagined and can now combine the best of multiple worlds.

MiniBrute 2 shares many of the same features that made its predecessor such a hit, including mixable oscillators and the acidic Steiner-Parker filter. While keeping many of those signature elements, the tone-shaping bar has been raised.

The MiniBrute 2 combines huge analogue tone, powerful sound shaping features, step-sequencing, arpeggiating, and a modular patchbay, giving your sound the freedom of hands-on control of pretty much every parameter.


The MiniBrute 2’s modulation matrix, offers plenty of sources and destinations. Whether you’re experimenting with its internal parameters, wiring in your modular setup, or syncing other gear to its sequencer, you’re faced with endless possibilities.

It also features the same high quality, aftertouch-enabled keybed famously found in their flagship MatrixBrute synth, which can be routed through the modulation matrix.
The Salvador Darlings had a go on the MiniBrute 2, hear it in action:

As we’ve been promised, this is the first of three new Arturia products to be released at NAMM this year. Word from Arturia is: “”Come back tomorrow, we’ve got more exciting news. Save the best ‘til last.” Very interesting… who knows what tomorrow will bring! We will of course be reporting back the second we find out, so make sure you come back tomorrow.


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