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New from Korg: Meet the Prologue, Volca Mix, DI Digital Piano and more!

New from Korg: Meet the Prologue, Volca Mix, DI Digital Piano and more!

Korg news from NAMM 2018

Korg and Arp have revealed their exciting new products for this year’s NAMM, the world’s biggest musical equipment trade show. Meet the next generation of Korg equipment and get a glimpse in to what the future holds.

Korg Prologue


What else could the new generation of Korg’s awesomely named Minilogue and Monologue synths? It had to be the Korg Prologue, of course!

The Korg Prologue is something we’re sure many of you were anticipating and speculating about: a new full-size flagship model! While the Prologue is a direct descendent of the Mini/Mono-logues and has inherited the powerful analogue circuits and full-programmability, the new polyphonic analogue synth is this time equipped with a full-sized keyboard, a newly developed digital multi engine and DSP-based effects, expanding the possibilities of what you can do even further!

There isn’t just one Prologue model, there are two. You have a choice between a 16-voice 61-key, the Prologue-16, and the eight-voice 49-key Prologue-8.

We’re expecting them in stores in late March.

Korg Di Digital Piano


Next up we have the Korg D1, a new digital piano that delivers the grand piano feel in a compact and portable format. Korg have developed some innovative technology that emulates the resonances of a grand piano with damper resonance and key-off simulation, and their own RH1 keybed.

With a variety of 30 sounds, including piano, electric piano, organ sounds, you get a wide range to explore and plenty of variety for at a great price point.


We’re expecting the Korg D1 in stores in May 2018.

Korg Konnect PA


The Korg Konnect is a new portable stereo PA System in a self-contained speaker, making it super easy to carry around with you. Equipped with a 6.5-inch woofer and two tweeters, it delivers a total of up to 180W of power, so a perfect fit for rehearsals, functions, events or anything else you can think of really! And while you’ve got a handy and user-friendly control panel on the back, you can also control it remotely from a smartphone!

We’ll be getting the Korg Konnect PA systems in store at the end of January 2018.

KR-55 Pro Korg Rhythm


Enter the KR 55 Pro Rhythm, a multi-functioning rhythm machine that doubles up as a multi-channel mixer and recording interface that records to an SD card.

With the KR55 you can add realistic sounding drums to your music by choosing from the 24 built-in drum/percussion styles and a variety of pattern styles that were recorded live using Korg’s proprietary “Real Groove Technology.”

With tuner and metronome funtions on-board, the KR55 is a really handy and instrument to have around!

We’re expecting these to land in store late March to early April 2018.

Volca Mix


Volca Mix is exactly what we’ve been waiting for: an analogue performance mixer for the Volca series.

The Korg Volca Mix has four-channels, volume faders, LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain so you can easily control the dynamics. It also works as a power supply for up to three other Volca units too, a very handy feature!

The Volca Mix is expected late February / early March 2018.

ARP Odyssey FSQ


Arp are offering a limited-edition bundle that includes a full-size ARP Odyssey and a Korg SQ-1 step sequencer. The SQ1 has been re-packaged and given a limited-edition ARP look with some lovely orange silk-screening.

For this bundle you can chose between all three colour variants of the full-sized Arp Odyssey: Rev1, Rev2, or Rev3, which went on sale last year as a reissue of the original ARP Odyssey.

These limited edition bundles will be available in Spring 2018.

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