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New from Vox: new MV50 models & MVX150 guitar amps

New from Vox: new MV50 models & MVX150 guitar amps

Vox news from NAMM 2018


VOX MV50 High Gain & MV50 Boutique

This time last year we saw the announcement of the cool retro looking Vox microamp series, the MV50 series. And this year Vox have added two new members to the team! Introducing the MV50 High Gain and MV50 Boutique.

They may look tiny, and that’s because they are. They only weigh 540g, which is even less than the weight of a pint. But despite their size, these micro amps pack in 50w of output power and can deliver some very serious guitar sound.

This is thanks to Nutube, (the new vacuum tube that uses vacuum fluorescent display technology), the all-analogue preamp circuit preserves the richness and warmth of your guitar’s natural sound, while an innovative Class D power amp will sort you out with enough volume for wherever you play.

The MV50 High Gain is of course optimised for high gain, and gives you a versatile range for your edgy sound with a boosted high and low end that are perfect for a nice thick lead sound.

The MV50 Boutique distils the sound of boutique amps and covers the range from warm and clean to cutting overdrive that’s ideal for expressive leads.


Vox MVX150 Head and Vox MVX150 Combo guitar amps

Vox have also revealed new flagship models for the Vox MV series. These are the world’s first large tube amp that is equipped with a Nutube in both the pre-amp and power amp sections. Welcome to the world, Vox MVX150 amps!

In this series we get two models: the MVX150-C, which is the combo amp, and the MVX150-H, an amp head. Thanks to the NuPower (NuPower is a power amp design that combines the Nutube with a solid-state amp, obtaining the advantages of both) technology in these amps, they promise to be able to attain sound quality and power that might surpass conventional tube amps.

Their two-channel design covers a wide range of sounds from clean to high-gain, and everything in between. The MVX150 amps also come with handy functions such as a ‘wet only’ output for the on-board reverb and effects send/return. And the Combo features a lovely special UK-made Celestion Redback speaker that covers a broad range of frequencies and can handle the high output of the MVX150.

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