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Audient announce ID44, a 20 in / 24 out audio interface

Audient announce ID44, a 20 in / 24 out audio interface

We were expecting something from Audient since they released this exciting teaser video on Friday. The teaser had today’s date on it, and now we finally have the full picture: Audient release the ID44, a new addition to the incredibly popular ID range, and Audient’s most powerful audio interface yet. 

Here’s a look at the features of the new Audient ID44.

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Introducing the Audient ID44 audio interface

Mic Preamps
Audient’s new ID44 features four Class-A console mic pres, the same circuit design found in their flagship 24 channel recording console, the ASP8024-HE. This allows you to put the low noise and low distortion performance of an an Audient console on your desktop.

Having high quality converters is a key factor in accurately hearing what you are recording or mixing. The Audient ID44 features all new high performance AD/DA converter technology, and next generation converters that have been designed to deliver that flawless dynamic range.
Digital I/O
The Audient ID44 features comprehensive I/O, giving you flexibility and the ability to add up to 16 extra channels of mic pres for your bigger recording projects.

Integrate your outboard gear using iD44’s fully balanced insert points. Channels 1 and 2 feature both a send and a return, enabling you to patch in your hardware gear.
D.I Inputs
iD44 has two JFET D.I inputs on channels 1 and 2, designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amp.
Monitor Control
The ID44 features a range of flexible monitor control functions, including dedicated talkback, cut and dim buttons, along with mono, polarity, speaker select, and low latency cue-mix monitoring.

The ID44 has two sets of line outputs, meaning you are able to plug in two pairs of speakers simultaneously. It also has two independent stereo headphone amps, designed to provide enough power to your headphones to perform at their best for when you’re working with headphones.
ID Mixer Software
All of ID44’s extensive output routing can be controlled using the new iD mixer software. Perfect for sending out headphone mixes to artists, or for routing audio to external outboard gear.iD44 Software


ID44’s volume encoder can transform in to a virtual scroll wheel, letting you control of your DAW, plug-in parameters and more. This way you can dial in settings, adjust faders or even write in automation very quickly, without needing to stare at your screen.

Audient ARC

As with any Audient interface, registering your new interface will get you access to Arc, Audient’s creative hub that gives you £500 worth of free plugins and software. Find out more about Arc here.

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