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Fender announce updates for the Hot Rod amp series

Fender announce updates for the Hot Rod amp series

Fender have updated the Hot Rod DeVille, Hot Rod Deluxe, Blues Junior, and Pro Junior Amps.

Hot Rod

The Fender Hot Rod line is one of the most popular tube amp ranges out there, and today Fender have given the amps an update.

Hot Rod Deville & Deluxe IV

The Fender Hot Rod DeVille IV 212 and the Deluxe IV have been updated with a modified preamp circuitry, meaning you can push that overdrive even further. And the reverb has been refreshed with an even smoother-sounding spring reverb. Combining that with their new vintage looks will make version 4 of the Hot Rods a dream amp for many players out there…

Pro Junior IV & Blues Junior IV

The Fender 15 Watt Pro Junior IV has also been updated with a new volume circuit, and a very cool new classic tweed look. And the 15 Watt Blues Junior IV gets the modified preamp circuitry, and the same refreshed smoother-sounding spring reverbas with the Hot Rods.

We’re expecting these new Fender amps in store mid February 2018.

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