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New guitar and drum gear from Boss and Roland

New guitar and drum gear from Boss and Roland

With one day to go until NAMM 2018, Roland and Boss have announced another collection of brand new music gear. Today’s launch includes new hybrid drum gear, innovative guitar effects and an exciting new Katana amp model. We’ll start off with the drums, so if you came here for guitar news, just skip past the first two.

Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module

The Roland TM-6 Pro drum trigger module will let you trigger sounds while you’re playing your acoustic kit. It features a massive 500 sampled sounds, 268 V-Drums sounds, 80 ready-to-use kits, and inputs for connecting up to 12 pads and/or drum triggers. With onboard sample import, a click track, headphone monitoring, assignable audio outputs, the TM 6 Pro will make an incredible addition to many drummers’ kits.

The Roland TM6 Pro is expected mid May 2018.

Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module

The Roland RT MicS is a drum trigger, sound source, mic and mixer all in one super compact and simple module that will let you convert your snare and toms into digital pads. You can import your samples via USB and it also has 8 sounds including hand-clap and snare variations pre-loaded on to it.

The Roland RT MicS is expected mid May 2018.

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor


On to the guitar gear. Boss have announced a new flagship, and their most advanced amp/effects processor yet. The Boss GT-1000 is an exciting new effects processor that is the very first to showcase Boss’ new ‘AIRD’ technology, which stands for ‘Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics‘. This new technology will simulate a natural and realistic tube amp sound, raising the realism bar of the digital guitar processor world with this new announcement.

From what we gather so far, th GT-1000 looks incredibly exciting, and we’re sure you’re as eager as we are to hear this thing. The second we get some audio or get our hands on one, you can expect an update from us.

The Boss GT1000 is expected mid March 2018.

Boss Katana-Artist guitar amp

The Boss Katana amp series has a new flagship model too. The impressive new flag-holder is the 100-watt Katana-Artist combo amp.

As with the rest of the the Katana series you get authentic tube tone and feel and a massive amount of onboard Boss effects, making these amps one of the most versatile of their kind. This new Katana-Artist combo also includes a 12-inch Waza speaker to bring that classic British stack speaker tone to your rig, a semi-closed cabinet, re-tuned amp characters, and much more.

The Boss Katana-Artist is expected mid March 2018.

Boss RC1 Black Loop Station


To commemorate a mammoth one million Loop Stations sold, Boss have given their famous looper, the RC1 a limited-edition black finish with red lettering. This special version of the RC1 will only be available in 2018, and other than the colour change, it’s identical to the standard RC-1.

The Boss RC1 Commmemorative Black Edition is expected at the end of January 2018.

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