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How to get started with Ableton Live 10

How to get started with Ableton Live 10

In case the news passed you by, Ableton Live 10 was officially released on Tuesday. Of course, if you’re a current Ableton user, it probably didn’t pass you by and you’ll know the score.

If you’re not currently using Live, let’s get to know it right now.

Beginners guide to Ableton Live 10

What’s new in Ableton Live 10?

Yes, sometimes we want all the details broken down into a fully-documented list of features and specifications, but sometimes we just want a well-produced video that gives us an overview. So let’s start with that:


Excited yet? I’ve been using Live since version 1.5, and the features of Live 10 have made me the most upgrade-itchy I’ve been since the introduction of virtual instrument support. They might not sound the most inspirational, but editing multiple MIDI clips, quickly accessing all your automation lanes and being able to undo after save are significant workflow improvements.

For post-production and editing work though, being able to audio directly on the arrangement is a huge step forward. I remember working on one band project and trying to nail the timing by repeatedly editing warp markers in the clip view. Not fun.

How to get started with Ableton Live 10

If you’re just eyeing up Live for the first time, you might be thinking about how you can apply all these features to your music, but you’re used to your current DAW and don’t fancy another learning curve. Well, good news, Ableton have come to the rescue with a comprehensive ‘how-to’ video series that should answer all your questions.

We’ve picked a few that answer the most common questions, but, if yours isn’t answered here, get in touch and we’ll see what we can find out for you!

How do I set up my audio interface in Ableton Live 10?

How do I set up my MIDI controllers in Ableton Live 10?

How do I set up my inputs and outputs in Ableton Live 10?

How do I find and use my samples and sounds in Ableton Live 10?

Getting to know the Ableton Live 10 user interface

What is Ableton Live 10’s session view?

What’s Ableton Live 10’s arrangement view?

Getting to know the mixer in Live 10

How do I record MIDI in Ableton Live?

How do I record MIDI I didn’t actually record using Capture?

How do I edit multiple MIDI clips in Live 10?

What is warping and how do I do it?

Getting the most of arrangement view automation

How do I turn my ideas into songs?

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of Ableton Live 10. As we spend more time with it and get to know its ins and outs, we’ll be right back blogging about it!

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