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Roland Cloud: iconic Roland instruments on demand

Roland Cloud: iconic Roland instruments on demand


Do you dream of a studio where you aren’t limited by the hardware you physically own? Could you imagine having everything from a legendary TR-808, D-50, Jupiter-8 and Juno-106, to the Aira System-8 and sampled Tera Guitar & Piano all at your fingertips? With just your controller keyboard, DAW and membership to Roland Cloud, you’ll have access to a mind-blowing collection virtual versions of Roland’s finest all to yourself.


What is Roland Cloud?

Roland Cloud is an ever-growing suite of virtual Roland instruments, sounds and tools developed for computer-based musicians and producers.  This is a cloud-based subscription service with a continuously growing and expanding library filled with remakes of decades worth of iconic Roland synths, as well as newly developed software instruments. Roland have also added features to the software versions of hardware synths that weren’t there in the originals.

What do I get?


  • Legendary Series: Perfect recreations of legendary Roland hardware synths that fit in your DAW.
  • Tera Series: Built on the Concerto platform, the most expressive acoustic sounds ever captured, future gateway to the power of cloud computing.
  • Flavr Series: Also built on Concerto, bite-sized, high-resolution soft synths perfect for targeting specific genres and tastes such as Deep House or Disco Funk
  • Aira Series: Inspired by the Past, Built for the Future. Amazing sounding Roland ACB synths with a familiar workflow
  • Anthology Series: Ultra-high resolution “Roland Remastered” virtual instruments that are simple to use and incredibly CPU-friendly via the Concerto platform
  • Essentials: The understated heroes, Essentials comprise some of the components that make up technology solutions provided by Roland Cloud
  • Software Solutions: Audio software that will enhance your workflow, creativity and help you deliver stunning audio

How much does it cost?

Roland Cloud costs £18.95 per month, and you can get started for free with a 1 month trial. You can also opt for a yearly payment for £185, saving you 10% every year. With the Roland Cloud loyalty scheme, after 12 months, subscribers can choose any software instrument and use it forever, even if you decide to pause or cancel your subscription.


How do I sign up?

Just head over to the to the sign up form on the Roland website, you’ll just need to enter a few details. Remember, your first month is free, so you won’t need to fill in any payment details yet.



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