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Red Dog Music London is a Quested Monitors Super Centre

Red Dog Music London is a Quested Monitors Super Centre

Abbey Road, Sarm, Hans Zimmer, Carl Craig, Mike Oldfield… It’s not a bad client list, is it? It’s also a part of Quested’s client list: the monitors on which some of the most classic songs and pop scores were mixed. Now, Red Dog Music is proud to announce that it is a Quested Monitors Super Centre.

Demo Quested MonitorsRed Dog Music is a Quested Monitors Super Centre

If you read the first paragraph, that h3 heading won’t be news to you, but what does that actually mean? What it means is that Red Dog Music London has the Quested S and V Series monitors in their custom-made demo room, and can get hold of the other models at short notice, ready for you to audition against other leading studio monitors.

Not only does our Quested Super Centre have access to the Quested range at short notice, but for larger-scale demonstrations, we can also arrange for you to demo them in other facilities with a Quested Monitors expert.

Why Quested?

Roger Quested founded his eponymous company in 1985, with the goal of building ‘true’ studio reference monitors, but the history goes back to his days as assistant engineer at Olympic Studios in the 1960s. While there, Quested worked with acts including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin (1 was his first full-album project), Pink Floyd, The Kinks and more.

With a passion for building speakers, when Roger found himself less than impressed with what he was using in the studio, he decided he should make his own. And he did. When they were heard by a visiting engineer, he asked if Roger could build a set for his friend’s new studio. From there, it was on to the same request from the likes of Abbey Road, Trident and Sarm West.

Quested Super CentreEach single component used in a Quested monitor is selected by hand. Quested combine the skills and experience of their own in-house team with those of a number of key specialists to perform continual research and development that pushes what is possible with studio monitors, from the mechanical engineering that goes into the cabinet, to the digital signal processing.

When you make the decision to put a set of Quested monitors in your studio, you’re buying into not only this heritage, but to the philosophy of a company that is driven by passion and dedication to detail, customer service and craftsmanship.

Request[ed] a demo at our Quested Super Centre

We can quote users and talk specs all day, but, ultimately, there’s no substitute to getting yourself sat in front of a few pairs and listening to your own go-to selection of references tracks.

If you want to demo the Quested range, or simply have any questions, just get in touch with Red Dog Music London and they’ll be happy to help.

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Dawsons Music is delighted to announce that the Red Dog Music brand is now part of the Dawsons family. This is an exciting opportunity to bring both communities together and create a stronger, wider network of people passionate about music gear. We both share a common heritage to support musicians throughout the UK and Dawsons want to support Red Dog Music customers in their continued musical journey.

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