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Happy St. David’s Day!

Happy St. David’s Day!

Roland and Boss St Davids DayWhile the daffodils may be hidden under a thick carpet of crisp, frosty snow, that doesn’t mean we can’t wish the people of Wales a happy Saint David’s day.

Although Red Dog Music doesn’t have a shop in Wales – yet… – we do have several Davids who work in our Edinburgh branch. Our Davids may not have come to the attention of Pope Callistus II, but, from classical piano to supreme shredding, our Davids know their stuff.

We should also point out that none of our Davids are Welsh (although I’m 1/8 Welsh with my Rhys ancestry), but hold on, there is a connection as they are all fans of Roland. And where are Roland UK based? Swansea, or Abertawe if you prefer (apologies if I got that wrong, I just looked it up on Wicipedia).

From Roland’s fantastic range of digital pianos, through their selection of cutting-edge synths and updates of their classics, through to their choice selection of guitar amps, everyone at Red Dog Music has a Roland (or Boss!) bit of gear that is a go-to piece of kit.

Whether you’re into Schubert, Vibert or Albert [King, Heath or otherwise], here are some of our best-selling and staff-favourite Roland and Boss picks:


In the spirit of St. David’s day, I thought I’d take this opportunity to something that I may make for my lunch this weekend: this really rather nice-sounding leek terrine.

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