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Introducing the Roland TD-50 VIP program

Introducing the Roland TD-50 VIP program

If you want the best in electronic drums, head for the Roland TD-50. Owning and playing your own TD-50K or TD-50KV kit will make you feel pretty special as it is, but now, Roland are doing that bit more to make you a TD-50 VIP.

Roland TD-50 VIP program

The Roland TD-50 VIP program

From now until the end of 2018, when you take home a new TD-50 kit, you will become not just the owner of the pinnacle of electronic drum technology, but you’ll also become a TD-50 VIP.

As a Roland TD-50 VIP, you’ll qualify for a one-to-one video lesson with a TD-50 expert so you can get to know all the ins and outs of this powerful platform. You’ll also receive an exclusive SD card that includes extra kits, end-user samples and play-along tracks. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also claim your choice of Roland t-shirt or jacket.


Of course, just by taking home a TD-50 from us, you’re already a Red Dog Music VIP. With our Roland Planet, you have access to the finest in Roland technical support and training, as well as a great range of kits in-store ready for you to demo.

For further details regarding the TD-50 VIP program, you can check out Roland’s page here. If you have any questions about the TD-50, or any of the Roland V-Drums range, please don’t hesitate to call in, drop us a line, or give us a call.

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