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World premiere of Akai TheNoo

World premiere of Akai TheNoo

Introducing: Akai TheNoo, digital bagpipes

With the release in 1988 of their MPC range of beat-making machines, Akai forever changed the course of hip-hop and dance music in general. Used by a host of legendary producers including J. Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock and DJ Shadow, the MPC has become a mainstay of music production and, with the release in 2017 of the MPC-X and MPC Live, continues to relentlessly innovate.

With the release in 1,000 B.C. of an archaic bag-based pipe instrument by the ancient Hittites, the bagpipe forever changed the course of musical history, and parping, droning noises in particular. Used by a host of literally legendary mages, as well as ancient rulers, travelling minstrels, and modern-day renegades including Nebuchadnezzar, King Edward VII, Wee Rabbie McAngus and Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, the bagpipes have become a mainstay of Scottish street corners and interminable highland dance events. 

But those who favour a heady mixture of street beatz and street dronez have been cruelly overlooked.

Until now.


Today, Akai proudly announce the release of TheNoo. TheNoo is a giant leap in the evolution of bagpipes, a complete reimagining of what it is to try to play a melody with only one bass note, while making a noise loud and unpleasant enough to strike fear into the hearts of invading English people.

Featuring a Ness:E sound engine, four North Pole filters, a WhizzKey controller interface, Highlandr output mastering and much more, Akai TheNoo is sure to be a hit at urban ceilidhs worldwide.

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