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The Sontronics Solo – your new live microphone?

The Sontronics Solo – your new live microphone?

There’s something about a good live microphone, and there’s something about the Sontronics Solo. Fortunately, these two somethings have a lot in common, so let’s spend some time getting to know the Sontronics Solo and finding out what makes it such a good choice to be your go-to on stage microphone. And if you want a second opinion, you can check out the review on Music Radar.

Sontronics Solo

The Sontronics Solo – from vocals to everything else

Let’s be honest, there’s really one microphone that has been at the forefront of the live vocal mic world for many years. It’s so famous that we don’t even need to mention it my name – you know what I’m talking about. It’s held its number one status for so long for one good reason: it’s great. It’s solid and reliable, and generally sounds pretty good too!

So why look elsewhere?

Well, just because one mic has been number one for so long doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you… I mean, the Strat-style guitar has probably been the most popular style of instrument for just as long, but you still see people play a Tele, Les Paul, 335… Nor does it mean that it is the best technically, but, of course, for a live mic, sound, reliability and performance are key. And that’s where the Sontronics Solo shines…

Here’s Sound on Sound talking to Sontronics’ Trevor Coley:

Sontronics Solo – the sound

Well, that’s not really for me to say. What I can say is that the reviews are good, and you should try one to hear for yourself. At the time of writing, we have stock of the Sontronics Solo in our Edinbugh, Leeds and London branches, so call in, plug in, and hear for yourself just how good the Solo sounds…

Supercardioid, super-directional

With its supercardioid pickup pattern, the off-axis rejection of the Sontronics Solo is a lot better than that of many of its competitors at this price, meaning that there should be less spill getting picked up and carried into your (prominantly mixed!) vocal channel.

The price for this is a small pickup lobe to the rear of the capsule, but a quick tweak of your monitors should mean that’s not a problem, and it won’t be an issue at all if you are using in ears.

Weighty, robust and reliable

For me, though, one of the first things I look for in a live mic – and a vocal mic in particular – is weight. Not that weight is always a direct correlate for technological advancement and reliability – compare a Boeing 787 with the SS Great Britain for example. That said, I know which one I’d be less worried about if it fell out of its bag and spend the trip home rolling about in the back of the van.

The Sontronics Solo is reassuringly weighty. It might not be in the same league as Brunel’s Bluewater behemoth, but you will feel confident that it’s not going to fall apart in your hands. Either in the near future, or in the far away one.

Made in Devon

And they know how to do a good cream tea down there. In the same way that they pay attention to the assembly of a scone (one slip up here and you get a Cornish cream tea, very different), the care and pride that goes into assembling your Sontronics Solo should give you the confidence to use it for gig after gig. It certainly gives Sontronics the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on their microphones.

If you have any questions on the Sontronics Solo, the complete Sontronics range, or live microphones and PA in general, get in touch with one of our live sound experts today!



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