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Get up to £70 Ticketmaster vouchers when you buy Roli gear

Get up to £70 Ticketmaster vouchers when you buy Roli gear


Festival and touring season is here, and if you’re anything like us, your calendar for summer / autumn is looking exceptionally great already. It would be pretty useful to get gift vouchers towards your gig ticket wish-list though, right? This is why instrument and music tech innovators, Roli have teamed up with Ticketmaster for an exciting promotion that’ll get you making, and watching music.

Buy a ROLI instrument before July 15th 2018 and get up to £70 off your next ticket purchase.
Between the 14th May – 15th July 2018, Roli are offering customers Ticketmaster vouchers when they buy Roli gear from us. The offer applies to the Roli Lightpad M, Seaboard Block, Seaboard Rise 25 or Seaboard Rise 49.

What value voucher do you get?

Lightpad M: £15 Voucher
Seaboard Block: £20 Voucher
Songmaker Kit: £30 Voucher
Seaboard RISE 25: £60 Voucher
Seaboard RISE 49: £70 Voucher

How does it work?

1: Buy your qualifying Roli instrument either through our website or in one of our stores. Make sure you keep your proof of purchase as you’ll need it to get your vouchers.

2: Once you’ve waited out the 30 day return period, you’ll need to register your new instrument on the Roli website and complete the claim form. Please note that you need to complete the form between 30 and 60 days from your date of purchase.

3: Your gift vouchers will be emailed to you by Ticketmaster within 10 working days.

4: Pick a gig, event or attraction of your choosing on Ticketmaster, and use your gift voucher at checkout to redeem your discount. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months.

It’s simple and easy, but just make sure you’ve checked out the Ts & Cs, and if you have any questions, give us a shout.

If you’d like to come in and demo one of the Roli products in store, or need some help figuring out which instrument is right for you and your music, just get in touch, our expert team are always happy to give you a hand.

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