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Introducing Moog Grandmother

Introducing Moog Grandmother


Meet the Moog Grandmother

Ahead of this year’s Moogfest, Moog have unleashed their new colourful beast: Grandmother. The Moog Grandmother is a semi-modular analogue synth that features a built-in arpeggiator, sequencer, external audio-input and a hugely exciting analogue spring reverb based on Moog 905. It also features a 32-note keyboard, something we’ve been missing in the Moog Mother/DFAM-family. The Grandmother’s semi-modular design means it can be used with or without patching, which makes it a user-friendly synth for players, explorers and experimenters of all skill-levels. Patching can also be used to override internal connections, which allows each section to function just as an independent module would.

Inspired by Moog modular synths from the 60’s and 70’s, Grandmother’s sound engine, modulation engine and spring reverb tank are completely analogue, with a retro and colourful design to match it, and to add an extra level of irresponsibility for this cool synth.

The Grandmother works on its own, and can also double up as your analogue audio processor for external sound sources, and for connecting its keyboard front-end to your DFAM, Mother-32, or your Eurorack modular system.

If you’re lucky enough to be at Moogfest this year, don’t miss the Moog pop-up factory, where visitors can watch the new units get crafted on-site. If like us, you’re nowhere near, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Moogfest coverage, so watch this space for a summary!

To see the Moog Grandmother in action, check out the below video of artist/composer Adrian Younge giving his personal “Thesis On Sound” incorporating Grandmother.


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