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Sunday Spotlight: Mailman

Sunday Spotlight: Mailman


Hello! Who are you, where are you from and all that good stuff.

I’m independent recording artist and producer Mailman, based in Horsham, West Sussex, UK.

Tell us a bit about the music you make.

Mailman‘s sound is predominantly rock with strong pop sensibilities, often incorporating orchestral and/or electronic influences. Everything from stripped back lo-fi acoustic to epic Floyd-esque productions. Lyrics with depth about life and love and all that entails, often with plenty to say about the perplexing and volatile world and age we find ourselves in.

When did you start and what made you want to start making music?

I’ve never not made music. I was writing tunes and lyrics and singing them into a tape recorder when I was six. It’s what I’ve always done.

Stage or studio?

I love both. Being on stage is probably more fun but losing yourself in a track in the studio then hearing it back finished is what it’s all about for me.

What gear do you use to make your tunes?

Cubase 8 with many plug ins (Native Instruments, Izotope, VoS mainly), Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, nEar 08 by ESI monitors, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones, Fender Telecaster Modern Player Plus, Epiphone SG, Taylor ‘Big Baby’ acoustic, Marshall and Peavey amps, cheap Samson condenser mic, and Shure SM58s.

And what is your choice bit of gear and why?

The Fender Telecaster Modern Player Plus – because it has a humbucker and a five way switch as well as the classic Tele sound. Everything I need electric wise in one place, basically!

Where can we check out your tunes?


Other info:

The Mailman double album ‘Yang Yin’ will be out in the autumn, date TBC. The first double single from it ‘Owe It To My Heart’ & ‘The Truth Will Out’ was released on June 1st.

The album is all about duality. It’s literally a two sided beast. I wanted the singles to reflect that so I decided to release a track from each side simultaneously. What used to be called a double A side. In many ways I’m old school so it makes sense to do this.

But it’s also very current. Duality is everything. Social media, for example, is a two headed beast, simultaneously breaking down barriers by connecting people while also herding people into dangerous cliques and echo chambers. I wanted to say something about that with this record.

No-one is immune from these paradoxes and contradictions. Some days I want to dismantle the system. Some days I want to binge watch dross on Netflix… it all co-exists and intertwines, no matter how divided things are made to appear.

Listen to the singles here.

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