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Audient Arc Update: more free creative production tools for Audient users!

Audient Arc Update: more free creative production tools for Audient users!

A year ago, Audient introduced their Creative Hub, ARC, which is a range handy free software, plugins and production tools that become available to new and existing owners Audient audio interfaces. After a successful year, Audient are now launching the first update to Arc, and a few changes to how it works.

The update sees new offers and exclusive production tools added to the platform. Audient have partnered with some of the industry’s leading innovators including Waldorf, Steinberg, Two Notes, Loopmasters, LANDR and Producertech to provide registered customers with software or tools. Arc will now also be updated more frequently in the future, which means you’ll be rewarded with freebies for your music-making on a regular basis.

Whether you’re looking at one of Audient’s first-class preamps, ASP800 or Audient ASP880, or their popular compact audio-interface range, the ID4ID14ID22, or the all-new ID44,


The new offers are as follows:

  • Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound + 8 Cabs
  • 1GB of samples from Loopmasters
  • Waldorf Audio PPG 2.2v, Attack & D-Pole
  • Cubase LE & Cubasis LE2
  • Masters and Distribution credits from LANDR
  • 2 courses from ProducerTech

You can gain access to Arc by registering your product on their website. Audient also have useful instructional videos to help you redeem your offers.

If you need any help with finding the right audio interface for you, just give our product specialists a shout, they’re always happy to help.


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