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Studio Interview: Post Electric Studios

Studio Interview: Post Electric Studios

Hey Rod, thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Post Electric Studios today. For those who haven’t heard of the studio before, could you introduce yourselves?

Hey there! Sure thing. We are a recording, mixing and voiceover studio based in Leith (Edinburgh) run by myself (Rod Jones) and German mixer/engineer Kris Potter (formerly Pohl).

When did you first open the studio, what made you start it up, and has it changed at all over the years?

We took over running the studio which was formerly Tape Studio in 2016 when we were approached by the owner Fiona Bryant after it had closed its doors. We had been in the process of looking for premises at the time and it just all fell into place at the right time. Kris and myself had been working together as production team for a few years since we met and realised that our skill sets complimented each other. Since we took over, we’ve re-imagined a few things whilst working within the very well built framework designed by Munro Acoustics. Most of the changes have been re -apportioning outboard and equipment in a way it works best for us and also filling the studio full of our collection of gear. We’ve tried to maintain the professional aesthetic it had before while also bringing a creative and homely feel to give the studio a welcoming and relaxed vibe. We want people to feel comfortable and at ease so they can focus on making music in as free a way as possible.

We’ve had a look at the Post Electric Studios gear list and noticed the bit that says ‘…and all of Rod’s guitars and pedals!!!’, is that really true? What’s your pedalboard and live set-up looking like at the moment? [Side note: Rod plays in Idlewild]

It is true! All of my gear is here and I encourage people to use it when they are in. A guitar is no use sitting on a shelf. We’ve built up a good collection over the years and with a few new additions from time to time we are starting to burst at the seams to be honest. The live pedalboard is currently a mess as I’m always pulling it apart for use when recording but it’s fairly straightforward most of the time…. A loop system which sends various different pedals to different amps at the same time to layer sounds. Nothing crazy in terms of pedals though… a trusty Rat, a Strymon Timeline delay, a Holy Grail reverb, Boss Tremolo and a Carl Martin drive and boost pedal. That’s all I need for live really…..

If money and availability weren’t an issue, what piece of gear would you love to add to Post Electric Studios?

Probably the Abbey Road REDD .37 console. Just to bring a bit of magic. That or a great espresso machine and full time barista.

Working at a recording studio must be great for discovering music you might not have come across otherwise. Can you let us know about some of the projects you’ve worked on, are there any artists you think everyone should know about?

We work on such a vast array of projects in various styles and get to meet loads of talented up and coming songwriters and bands. Just finished a project with a young singer songwriter called Millie which is great and a talented folk singer Laurie Cameron doing modern interpretations of Burns poems but its hard to pick out favourites. We love recording everything from doom rock with a band like Slow Blood to jazz with Hampshire and Foat and indie singer songwriters like Tom Joshua.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone coming in to record at a studio for the first time? How should they prepare, and what are some things to think about before recording?

Rehearse! Look after your instruments and have them set up, change strings and skins! Just be prepared basically. We are happy to have you in for as long as you want but it will be more productive and cheaper for you if you don’t need to work out what you are doing in the studio. Actually, What am I saying?!?! Don’t prepare..! Come in for months and give us all you money! Joking…. sort of….. I wrote a blog about this also……….



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