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Teenage Engineering announce OP-Z

Teenage Engineering announce OP-Z

Teenage Engineering announce OP-Z, ‘the dream machine’.

A few years in the making, Teenage Engineering have now officially released the long-awaited OP-Z, aka ‘the dream machine’, an advanced portable synth/sequencer which combines audio and visuals in the same device.

The OP-Z is Teenage Engineering’s most advanced portable synth and sequencer to date, and will be the first 16-track sequencer that allows for the live composition of music, visuals and lights. The OP-Z is centred around its 16-track sequencer where all tracks run independently, making individual track speed and track length, or adding unique step behaviours possible. In total, there are 14 components sorted into 3 groups: triggers, note variations and specials, and all 14 components have 10 values and behaviour programmes. This means that you have 140 ways to alter just one single step with the OP-Z, which is definitely more than you’ll ever need.

Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Another thing you might have noticed when looking at the OP-Z is that it doesn’t have a screen. This is because Teenage Engineering have introduced the concept of ’bring your own display’, which probably keeps the cost down, and lets you integrate your music and visuals more easily. So just download the OP-Z app, and pair it with your laptop / iPhone / iPad.


The OP-Z is really small. It’s about half the size of the OP-1, (or 212.5mm  x 57.5mm) but features more DSP power and energy efficiency. It’s packed with multiple synth engines, beats, samples, effects, visuals and preset patterns, and also has the ability to control up to 16 lights through dmx, and features unity 3d integration to let you interact with your own 3d worlds. You can also use the OP-1 to instantly sequence images taken with your smartphone thanks to the photomatic feature. So as you can see, there is a huge amount you can do and create with this unique new synth.

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z is expected to arrive in stores early October. We’re expecting them to be highly in demand, and are now taking pre-orders which will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so get in fast if you want one.

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