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Novation introduce ‘Sound Collective’ a new source of free sounds for Novation users!

Novation introduce ‘Sound Collective’ a new source of free sounds for Novation users!

Novation introduce Sound Collective: a bi-monthly source of new sounds for Novation users

Novation have created a new rewards-scheme that gives their users access to exclusive offers and freebies to help you with your music-making. By joining the Sound Collective as a Novation customer, you’ll receive free versions of the most innovative software instruments and creative FX from developers chosen by Novation, as well as special discounts for third-party software. This is a great way to expand your sound collection and get rewarded for your loyalty.

How do I sign up?

This offer applies to all Novation gear. Once you’ve bought your chosen Novation product, just register it on their website, and you’ll get access to a new offer every couple of months through the portal.

This offer also applies to existing customers, so just register your product if you haven’t already, and start enjoying your freebies!

Free Baervaag FM synthesiser

The first Sound Collective offer for this is a free Baervaag FM synthesiser. This coincides with a 50% discount off the unique Jussi vocal synthesiser. The soft synths are created by Klevgrand, a Stockholm-based concept and production studio run by musicians, filmmakers and developers.
Baervaag is a fairly simple FM synthesiser with one carrier and one modulator. The oscillator waveforms can be modified seamlessly between sine wave to pure square wave with PWM (pulse width modulation).

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