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Meet the Dynaudio LYD range of studio monitors

Meet the Dynaudio LYD range of studio monitors

Founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, Dynaudio has more than 40 years of experience in producing high-end speakers.

Whether it is with the latest and award-winning LYD Series, the industry standard Classic BM range, the latest range of Subwoofers or the M Series of main monitors, all Dynaudio PRO studio monitors are made by hand in Denmark using only the finest materials and hand-crafted drivers.

LYD Series – Reference Monitors Redefined

LYD uses all the know-how Dynaudio PRO has gained through supplying some of the world’s biggest recording studios with full-on reference monitor systems – and fits it into a pair of compact near/midfield speakers.
These are not poor cousins of their big systems either. LYD is a complete redefinition of Dynaudio PRO’s own products, heading back to the drawing board to find out exactly how much further they could take those concepts.

As it turns out, the answer was ‘quite a lot’

Active studio monitors need to present the unvarnished truth: no colouration, no distortion and no flattery of the music running through them. You need to be able to hear exactly what each thread of the music is doing. So, when it comes to mixing and mastering, you know you can deliver exactly what the artist wants.

LYD combines decades of experience in producing no-compromise reference systems for major studios all over the world, with expertise in home and car audio, digital processing technology and materials science. That combination means you’ll hear nothing but the truth.

Designed to be a monitor anyone can use without a manual, LYD makes set up a piece of cake. Just getting started in your engineering or producing career? That’s daunting enough as it is without needing to decipher another complicated set of switches and dials on the back of your speakers. Seasoned pro? Then why should you have to learn a new set of controls? You shouldn’t.
Just tweak the wall-position or Sound Balance tilt-filter (for a brighter or darker sound) and you’re done. Best of all, you don’t have to crank them up to hear them at their best – something that’s hard to do if you’re in a smaller or home studio. LYD is designed to sound the same however loud you turn up the music.
Now it’s time to create…

Dynaudio Lyd Review Quote

Whatever your needs, there is a model in the range that should fit your requirements, all available in both white/black and the stunning all black finishes.
LYD-5 is ideal for smaller spaces and edit suites, while LYD-7 with its larger 7” woofer helps extend the bass output. Both models feature a dual 50/50w state of the art bi-amp power section and offer sound designers, producers and musicians an authoritative and powerful studio monitor that still excels at low mix volume while maintaining the precision Dynaudio PRO is famous for.
Perfect for larger mixing environments and home studios, LYD-8 offers an authoritative and powerful (50w HF/80w LF) studio monitor that, unlike a lot of other 8” monitors on the market, still shines in the critical midrange.

While the new LYD-48 3-way tops off the range. Coupling a 4” midrange and an 8” woofer, with a 1” soft-dome tweeter (each fueled by their own powerful, state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier), makes these monitors well suited for nearfield as well as midfield monitor applications. The perfect choice for unrivalled accuracy at any volume, LYD-48 brings precision to passion delivering all the power needed and at the right time.

Don’t just take our word for it though, a second opinion is always great of course, so check out the LYD reviews from a host of top industry media.

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Dynaudio Lyd Reviews


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