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How to mix drums with Waves and Yoad Nevo

The wonderfully informative Waves webinar series is well worth working your way through. We’ve posted the vocal mixing webinar previously, but it’s time to tackle another tricky one today, as Yoad Nevo takes us through how to mix drums. Getting the drums sounding right and working together can make your mix. You may have already captured a great performance and have it down on tape, or maybe you’ve spent hours programming the…

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How to mix guitar (and bass!) with Yoad Nevo

So, thanks to his other webinars, you’ve got the drums punching and the vocals sweet, now let’s do all the stuff in the middle as Yoad Nevo tells us how to mix guitars and bass using Waves plugins. How to mix guitar & how to mix bass It’s interesting how these two mixing tasks have been put together in the one webinar. While both guitar and bass have strings, their respective roles in the track are often very different. A…

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How to mix vocals with Waves and Yoad Nevo

The lead vocal is, generally, the most important part of your song. It’s the track you want to create space for and you’re willing to sacrifice the outright tone of other instruments to give it that space. It’s not always easy though. So if you’ve been asking yourself how to mix vocals, Waves have the video for you! We’ve already written about how to record a great vocal, so that perfect take should be sitting in…

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Save up to £503 on Waves Bundles this month!

Waves make some pretty impressive plugins. No wonder that so many of the records you’ve probably heard recently were mixed using a Waves plugin or two. Not content with just making the plugins however, Waves are pretty impressive in showing you how to use them, as well as providing a whole heap of advice on how to improve your mixing. In particular, their webinars with Yoad Nevo are well worth the several hours of viewing to learn how the…

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