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The Yamaha MOXF – power to create and perform!

I am not a keyboard player. Years and years ago as a young primary school boy from Aberlady, I spent too much time wasting too much of my piano teacher’s time not practising and feeling very uninspired by the whole thing. Now though, after even longer sitting programming chords, basslines and melodies with a mouse, I wish I had a bit more mastery of that array of black and white keys to improve those workflows a little bit. Having spent…

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25 things musicians need to stop doing RIGHT NOW

1. Stop wasting time when you could be practising Let’s be honest now, playing GTA for 8 straight hours may be one of life’s peculiar joys, but it’s not going to score you that spot on a movie soundtrack or build your fanbase. No need to go cold turkey, everyone needs a break… but set yourself some sensible limits and dedicate more time to your music. Just 7 hours of computer games a day from now on, okay? Deal. 2. Stop…

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5 ways to waste time musically

If you work at a desk in front of a computer, chances are you are spoiled when it comes to timewasting in the office right now, there’s all that Christmas shopping to be done and all those festive night out schedules to co-ordinate; but, what if you’re too organised? What if all your internet shopping is already done? How will you waste time now? Not wanting to leave you hung out to dry, we present the top five ways to waste your time in a…

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The best of Musikmesse 2016

No dull preambles here, we know what you want… HOT NEW MUSIC GEAR! PS. You should totally buy from us, we’ve got loads of awards and super-high feedback ratings, so you’re practically guaranteed to have a great, hassle free experience. Just sayin’. Sorry, that was a preamble. GEAR TIME!   Pioneer / Dave Smith Toraiz SP-16 I honestly, hand-on-heart thought this was an April Fools when it was first announced. You…

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