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Author: Red Dog Music

Pushing the Analog

by Phil Graham The life-cycle of a piece of music can often be split into 4 stages: writing, recording, mixing and finally mastering. Mastering is the step of the music production process that is typically handled by a separate...

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Instruments on a Plane

Facebook chorus prompts Qantas to scrap instruments ban (AFP) SYDNEY — Australian musicians Thursday said they had scored a victory against Qantas after a Facebook campaign helped persuade the airline to scrap a ban on carrying...

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Studio Monitors

What makes a good studio monitor? A good monitor does not artificially exaggerate frequencies. Where Hi-Fi speakers will make your music sound good, which is usually down to the boost in lows & highs and a cut in mid...

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Express Yourself

What is music? This is possibly the most infuriatingly open-ended way to start an article in a magazine that predominantly concerns itself with the production of music but, hey, if The Dog’s articles aren’t written to infuriate...

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